What is a “facial mask”? What exactly is a “moisturising cloth treatment mask”?

A facial mask (also known as a sheet or paper mask) is a soft piece of cloth material cut in the shape of a face, soaked in serum.

Cloth treatment masks have high absorptive powers and excellent expandability because the diameter of the fibre is less than the size of the pores in your skin. This allows the serum to absorb deeply into the skin quickly.

How do I use a facial mask?


How often can I use a FacialFresh facial mask?

For the best results, we recommend using weekly as part of your regular skincare regime.

When should I not use a mask?

If you have serious sunburn, open sores, acne, peeling or sensitive skin, please refrain from using masks. For such skin issues, it’s best to see your doctor or dermatologist.

Do I need to wash my face after using the mask?

You can if you wish. During the 15 minute period you have the mask on, your skin has already absorbed the active ingredients. Masks should only be used once and then discarded. Any extra serum can be wiped off with a tissue or gently pressed into the skin.

How should I store my FacialFresh masks?

Avoid direct sun light and store in a cool temperate area. There is a 1 year shelf time for all Facial Fresh products. Plenty of time to enjoy!

Can men use FacialFresh facial masks too?

Absolutely. Best applied to a clean shaven face. We are currently working on a full range of tailor-made masks for men to address specific shaving and skin aging concerns, and hope to launch them soon.

Where should I direct media requests for more information about Facial Fresh?

While we are not so keen on becoming famous (!), we are more than happy to tell people about the fresh face of skin care, Facial Fresh.

We can also provide perspectives on some of the latest trends that might be of interest to your readers, viewers or listeners, such as:

  • The growing demand for cosmeceuticals, cosmetic and skincare products with biologically active, clinically proven ingredients.
  • The revolutionary technology of cloth facial masks to apply moisturiser to the face.
  • The worldwide appreciation of Australia‚Äôs clean, green environment with its unique and powerful botanicals, and embracing this as a competitive advantage in the global market place.

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